Does This Sound Like You?
Have you ever gotten sick or suffer from chronic pain, been diagnosed with a life-long disease, been put on medication for life, been depressed, or been told your lifespan was limited? Did you blame yourself or feel like there was no solution for you? Know that you are not alone and there is a way to feel better.

The Unexpected Happens
As a lively 27 year old nicknamed the ‘Energizer Bunny’ who was teaching 30 yoga and fitness classes a week, it was quite devastating to be challenged with fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, hair loss, fogginess of the mind, blurry vision, headaches, body aches, and intermittent fevers. After many tests and much research, the doctors and I figured out I had Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. The doctors put me on medication for life, recommended a handful of supplements, and sent me out the door.

A Miracle Happens
Trusting my doctor’s word, I set out to figure out how best to live with my ‘permanent’ conditions. I investigated the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers to my condition and to healing in general. Over time a miracle happened, my thyroid levels returned to normal, and I no longer needed medication.

Why I'm Inspired to Help People Like You
As soon as I healed, I started leading healing programs around the world. I started running into people and stories of those who healed when they were told they were going to die. Some even healed within a few days as soon as they made certain changes. At that point I knew this message needed to get out more broadly which is why I am putting together a book of those stories called Healing Happens and offering breakthrough healing sessions.

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Spend 45 minutes with me to discover your healing solutions and clarify your pathway to health. You can start to feel better right away.

How Can I Help You?
My whole life has been spent understanding the human body and psyche with studying and practicing yoga, energy healing, meditation, nutrition, fitness, dance, Ayurveda, Astrology, Human Design, Enneagram, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, spiritual counseling, and coaching. I take an integrative approach looking at the whole picture and what is individually right for each person. I bring my experience and discoveries to you so you can more easily live the life you dream. 
"Working with Avital has been life altering. I feel healthier and happier. For the first time in my adult life my blood pressure is normal. My doctor says “Keep up the good work.” Avital cares about me and my progress. She is there for me when I need her. I appreciate her and her extensive health and food knowledge. I am very grateful that she keeps me on track and that she is now a part of my life’s journey."
-Jill Davis, Beaverton, OR
"Avital is an amazing healer, mentor and spiritualist. Highly motivated by her passion for truth, healing and love. Avital inspires me to keep myself and my body accountable. She uses her knowledge, self healing, and spirituality to spread awareness of a new level of healing that takes place at a soul level. I am so thankful and in gratitude that I can experience her wisdom and gifts."
—Jocelyn Hilling, Denver, CO
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"Avital is wonderful and refreshing because she is so authentic. She is a healer for the new age (or a healer for this time of shifts and evolutions), and a healer that walks her talk. Her sweet presence welcomes the divine to flow as she offers herself as a channel. She is a delight!"
-Karuna, Pennsylvania
"I have never met anyone who emanates such love, joy and happiness as Avital does. Her worldly life experiences, her intelligence, articulation and eloquence in her everyday speech has molded a unique persona and a wide spectrum logical mind that is not defined by any single discipline but by a perfect blend of all of them. She told me that she left one secluded world to show this world a love it has never seen, and I am certain that she can do this with her presence alone."
-Joey, Sacramento
“Avital maintains an enormous array of pursuits and relationships, yet when we share in person or via correspondence, I feel her undivided attention and pure heart sincerity, as if I were her most precious companion. I suspect all who deserve this level of connection receive it as I do.”
-Bruce, Nevada City, CA
"Unique things I celebrate about Avital: Avital’s ability to deeply and fully listen and quickly discover the heart of the matter. The infectious joy that often bubbles from her being. The universal love that shines through her eyes. Avital’s authentic and sensitive responses to whatever comes her way."
-John, Portland, OR
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About Avital
Award winning author of the upcoming book Healing Happens and international keynote speaker, Avital Miller has passionately shared leadership, healing, spiritual, and dance programs to thousands of people worldwide for over 15 years. Avital has been a Program Manager at Microsoft, Lead Coach for Success Resources America, Sales and Marketing Director for Crystal Clarity Publishers, Yoga and Fitness Teacher Trainer and Director, and graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, MO with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Major in Dance. Her articles have been published in Fitness Professional Online and Sacred Dance Guild Journal. Avital has performed and taught dance around the world since 1993. She is a certified energy healer and healing breakthrough facilitator. Avital helps people feel a touch of love in their hearts, joy in their spirits, and peace in their minds.
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